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1 Marzo 2018 - 0:00 - 2 Aprile 2018 - 0:00

The exhibit “Fairy Land- 80 Illustrations to Explore” will take place at Villa Pisani from March 1st to April 2nd 2018. A fairy tales anthology from “Le immagini della fantasia” edited by Franco Cosimo Panini in collaboration with S. Zavřel Foundation will be presented.

In a world increasingly multiethnic, this exhibit offers the opportunity to know and experience new cultures through 80 illustrations which narrate tales and legends coming from Africa, India, Oceania, Russia, Far East, Mexico, Brasil, Armenia and Chile. A beautiful world, full of symbols, traditions, customs to discover. A world that can be imagined listening to the tales and that can be explored observing the secrets hidden in the illustrations.

During the whole duration of the exhibition, interesting workshops will be arranged by local associations. Four great animated movies will be shown, movies that are able to teach something but above all that can get ourselves lost in a fairy tale where even the magic becomes possible. We get back to fairy tales, to make the grown-ups feel children again and to let the youngest experience something that the adults enjoy too.



Saturday March 3rd
16.30 – movie show
The film revolves around Kubo, who wields a magical shamisen and whose left eye was stolen in infancy. Accompanied by an anthropomorphic snow monkey and beetle, he must subdue his mother’s corrupted Sisters and his power-hungry grandfather Raiden (aka, the Moon King), who stole his left eye.
Sunday March 4th
16.00 – animated reading (6-10 years)
EINSTEIN. A STROKE OF GENIUS with Romina Ranzato from “Barabao Teatro” in cooperation with “Libreria Fahrenheit”.
Based on the series published by “Editoriale Scienza” , this animated tale is dedicated to the famous scientist Albert Einstein. During the afternoon we will taste delicious discoveries and tasty experiments.

Saturday March 10th
15.00 – reading and motor lab (3-7 years)
SMALL STEPS OF AFRICA with Associazione Melià
A journey to discover Africa through the reading of “Kirikou and the Sorceress”. We will let the music and the dance guide us to unveil a world full of surprises.16.30 – movie show
OCEANIA by Ron Clements and John Muske
The film is set in Oceania, in a small Polynesian island, where we follow the adventures of a young and spicy princess who is on a mission to save her people.

Sunday March 11th
10.30 – creative lab (4-99 years)
ON THE ROAD WITH TOM (SULLE RUOTE CON TOM) with the kids’ bookstore “Pel di Carota”
A huge palace, many floors and a garage packed with different vehicles to take the road!

15.00 – reading and creative lab (7-99 years)
SEVEN TIMES SEVEN (SETTE VOLTE SETTE) with the kids’ bookstore “Pel di Carota”
Seven children from different parts of the world, seven cats… We still read Rodari to narrate the world as it was as well as it is today.

Saturday March 17th
15.00 – creative writing (9-14 years)
THE MUSIC… TRAVELS TOO! (ANCHE LA MUSICA…VIAGGIA!) with the publisher “Camelozampa”
A laboratory based on the songs from the series Talent Angels, which describes a Talent Show taking place in different cities of the world.16.30 – movie show
THE BOOK OF LIFE by Jorge Gutierrez
Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart, embarks on an adventure that spans three fantastic worlds where he must face his greatest fears.

Sunday March 18th
15.00 – creative lab (5-8 years)
THE NATURE OF ART (LA NATURA DELL’ARTE) with Francesca Bozza from “Il posto dei fiori”, in cooperation with “Far Magia”.
We will reproduce the fairy tale “Little red-cap” with the help of pictures, flowers, leaves and colors.

Saturday March 24th
16.00 – theatrical show (from 4 years)
THE BEAUTY OF THE KING (LA BELLEZZA DEL RE) by Henriette Bichonnier, curated by I Fantaghiró in cooperation with Far Magia
Once upon a time, there was a very handsome king, in love only with his own beauty, who couldn’t stand that his subjects were more beautiful than him. Everybody learned to appear uglier on purpose and the realm became truly disgusting. Adapted and played by Erika Vianello from I Fantaghiró.

Sunday March 25th
10.30 – creative lab (4-8 years)
We will learn to use the indian ink and the indian ink pen to create our little piece of art.

15.00 – creative lab (4-8 years)
We will experiment the collage technique with all sorts of eccentric and psychedelic papers. It will be an explosion of colors!

Saturday March 31st
16.30 – short films show
Short films showed at EUGANEA FILM FESTIVAL that tell about far cultures and countries.

The exhibition, curated by Monica Monachesi for Štěpán Zavřel Foundation, is arranged by Euganea Movie Movement and the Municipality of Monselice, with the support of Provincia di Padova and the contribution of Far Magia. Partners: bookstore Fahrenheit, kids’ bookstore Pel di Carota, CameloZampa publisher, Melià association and I Fantaghirò association.

Artistic shop windows
For the whole duration of the exhibit, young local artists will realize creative illustrations on the shop windows of Monselice city center. They will reinterpret the fairy tales shown at the exhibition, creating a visual route through the traditions of many different countries.

TICKET EXHIBIT: 4 € adult; 3 € 6-12 years, university students, over 65 and with the badge of Euganea Movie Movement; 0-5 years free entrance
TICKET LABORATORIES: laboratories are included in the ticket for the exhibition; otherwise 3 €
MOVIE SHOWS: free entrance

SPONSOR E PARTNER: Municipality of Monselice, Štěpán Zavřel Foundation, Municipality of Sarmede, Far Magia, CameloZampa publisher, Melià association, bookstore Pel di Carota, bookstore Fahrenheit

MARCH 2018


PARTNERS / SPONSOR: Municipality of Monselice, Zavřel Foundation and Municipality of Sarmede

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1 Marzo 2018 - 0:00
2 Aprile 2018 - 0:00