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Euganea Movie Movement is an organization born in 2005, operating in Veneto to promote Italian and foreign cinema culture through events, workshops, exhibitions and festivals. Its major operation is Euganea Film Festival, that takes place in the summertime in the area of Colli Euganei. The Festival, since 2002, has been offering every year more than 50 films, between documentaries, short fiction and animated films, that are screened to the public in appealing and evocative locations, such as parks, castles and villas, and integrated with concerts, Q&As with the authors, workshops and theatre performances.

The Monselice municipality has put a lot of effort in giving back to the citizens such a valuable and precious asset. Recovery was possible thanks to the Intesa Programmatica d’Area (IPA) of Southern Padua, presided over by the Padua district, which made it possible to involve Regione Veneto in the funding. Regione Veneto funded the project with 880 thousand euros in a total amount or 1.227.000 euros for the restoration works. Thanks to Soprintendenza alle Belle Arti e Paesaggio, that overlooked the execution of the restoration campaign and the complicated administrative works in the municipality, we can today admire the frescoes that were brought back to the original beauty.

Veneto Film Network is a project to sustain and promote Venetian cinema culture.

Movie Lab is a project of the Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili of the Monselice Municipality, funded by Region Veneto, that involved young adults of the area in a series of workshops on screenwriting, shooting, editing and acting, and that ended is the production of a web series.

Detour Festival del Cinema di Viaggio is an event that takes place in Padua and deals with different media, from long and short fiction to documentaries.

Gal Patavino gave custody to Euganea Movie Movement of developing Video Service della Ruralità. A group of young observers and storytellers under 35, with the help of the director Marco Segato, will produce three Video Postcards to promote the area.

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