Euganea Movie Movement is a cultural association established in 2005. It works in Veneto with the purpose of promoting the cinematographic culture, both italian and foreign, through the organization of events, courses and expositions. The main event arranged by the association is Euganea Film Festival, which takes place each summer in the Euganea Hills area: since 2002 the Festival shows more than 50 documentaries and short films in the most evocative locations of the territory, such as parks, villas and castles, and hosts special events like concerts, workshops, meeting with authors and pieces of theatre.

The Municipality of Monselice worked hard to finally return to its citizens this precious and valuable building. IPA "Bassa Padovana" (Programmatic Agreement in the "Bassa Padovana" Area) made possible the restoration. The Region Veneto financed the project with 880.000 € of the 1.227.00 € spent on the entire restoration. Thanks to the Commission for the Architectural and Landscape Heritage, who supervised the works, to the contractors and to the meticulous and remarkable effort of the Municipality, we can now admire all the frescos back to their original splendor.

Veneto Film Network

Veneto Film Network is a project which aims at promoting and supporting the Venetian film productions and culture. It has been designed by Euganea Movie Movement and supported by Fondazione Cariparo within the call "Culturalmente Impresa 2015".

Euganea Film Festival

The main event arranged by the association is Euganea Film Festival which takes place each summer and aims at promoting the Euganea Hills area through cinematographic, theatrical and musical events.

The Festival consists of 4 sections: Short Films Competition, Animated Films Competition, Documentaries Competition and Special Events. It offers also concerts, theatrical shows and artistic performances.

Movie Lab

Movie Lab is a project by 'Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili' of Monselice Municipality, supported by Region Veneto within the call "Fotogrammi veneti". Many young people living in our territory participated to different labs to learn the basis of cinema: acting, screenplay writing, film shooting and editing. They realized a web series where narrative and characters are inspired by their everyday life. It had been a training opportunity for the participants, both to learn fundamental aspects of the filmic production and to express themselves and tell about their reality.


Detour deals with all of these aspects considering every style, from fiction feature films to auteur documentaries, with a special attention towards both recent unreleased productions and the most famous movies made throughout the history of cinema. Making a festival is always a complex and exciting journey, made of good fellow adventurers.

Gal Patavino

Gal Patavino has entrusted Euganea Movie Movement with the management of its project 'Video Service for rural development'. A call for young writers under 35 will define a group of people who, under the guidance of the director Marco Segato, will realize three video 'Postcards' aiming at promoting our territory in a creative and original way.

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