"Ho una caseta a Moncelese la qual me serve per far il viaggio de Montagnana senza niun mio utile".

Francesco Pisani, 1566

1545 - 1567

Villa Pisani is located in the historic center of Monselice next to the "Bisatto", a canal connecting Padua and Montagnana, once navigable. The building was built in the XVI century for Francesco Pisani di Zuanne (1514-1567), a noble patrician of Venice, who used it as a country house, a dwelling to stop by on the occasion of his frequent travels from and to Montagnana, where the wealthy family resided.

1797 - 1900

Until 1797 the building belonged to the Pisani family. Only in 1807 it was bought by the knight of the Italic Order Iseppo Treves.

In the early 19th Century it was a property of doctor Morrà, who sold it to the Municipality between 1951 and 1952. A few years after the Municipality bought also the ground adjacent to the Villa in order to build a school. The Villa was included in the project, therefore during that period the structure of the building was modified, with the destruction of some partition walls.

In 1983 both the architectural structure of the Villa and its inside decoration were accurately restored.

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The latest conservation intervention was made in the years 2012-2013.
The application of low-frequency scanning techniques made possible to discover some valuable decorations and frescos dating back to the XV-XVI centuries, hidden behind some unworthy interventions on the walls.


The subject of the Villa's paintings in which bucolic landscapes and allegorical figures are depicted has been inspired by the fresco cycles painted in Villa Maser by Paolo Veronese and in Palazzo Labia by Giambattista Tiepolo.