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si riaccende Villa Pisani

After a long pause, we are delighted to present the new series of events at Villa Pisani, which will accompany us for four Fridays before Christmas.

Four unique evenings: a film with live music, a couple of concerts in unplugged, with the natural amplification that the hall of the Villa can create, and a theatrical reading.

These proposals are designed to relive the closeness to art and culture that we have been lacking over the last two years marked by the pandemic. For this very reason, the events in the programme are aimed to create a deep relationship with the public, helped by the unique atmosphere that only Villa Pisani can provide when lit by candles and soft lighting, and by the intimate formula designed for the evenings. We want to offer occasions to meet again and share emotions.

On 26th November – the opening night – we will screen “The Kid”, Charlie Chaplin’s 1921 film, a full century after its release, with live music by Paolo Valentini and Flavio Costa.

On 3rd December we will have a concert by Sorah Rionda, a young multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer of Cuban origin, for the occasion accompanied by Rita Brancato’s percussion. Sorah Rionda will present her new project: “Renacer”, a work that wants to represent an artistic and spiritual rebirth and the celebration of her intense bond with her multiethnic Cuban family, a relationship of influence between ancient Cuban songs and new compositions.

On Friday, 10th December, the duo Lucernari, formed by the two singer-songwriters Irene Brigitte and Lil Alice, will perform: their vocal timbres, although different, harmonise with each other accompanied exclusively by percussion. Both the light-hearted pictures of everyday life and the music of pieces taken from literature are sung with songs in a style that is mostly folk but does not exclude incursions of more electronic sounds.

Both concerts will be unplugged, without electrical amplification and will therefore take advantage of the natural amplification that the Villa’s hall can create: we will take a step back in time and listen to these live performances as they were listened to in the 16th century, and to make the atmosphere even more evocative and immersive the hall will be lit for the most part by candlelight.

On the final evening, 17th December, we will have the reading “Polenta dura e formaggio stagionato” by Mario Rigoni Stern, a reading by Carichi Sospesi, with Marco Tizianel and Paolo Esposito, music played live by Nicola Lotto, directed by Marco Caldiron.

Practical information:

Limited places.
Reservations through EventBrite.
Admission 6€ with EMM card (Euganea Movie Movement).
You can get your new EMM card in the evenings of the events.

On the evening of your new membership, we’ll give you the event as a gift.

At the end of each show, there will be, for those who like, we can continue the evening with a glass of wine and, on 3rd and 10th December also accompanied by the musical selection of Dj TSO, Trattamento Sonoro Obbligatorio (in collaboration with Invisible Sound).

All events will be held in compliance with antiCovid19 regulations, we ensure the respect of the spacing at the venue and it will be mandatory to be equipped with Green Pass and properly wear the mask.

With this series of events Villa Pisani officially reopens to the public.
Next year, there will be concerts, shows, workshops, exhibitions in collaboration with the Municipality of Monselice, and much more.


BASSA UP TO DATE has the aim to create at Villa Pisani di Monselice the first DIGITAL ARCHIVE OF  COLLECTIVE MEMORY through the digitization of photos and videos from the post-war years to the 80s to rediscover and enhance the intangible heritage of traditions and activities that characterized the model of land development in that historical period.

The archive will be available for filmmakers, researchers, cultural associations, promotion agencies, creative people and organizations for the production of territorial storytelling.

RESEARCH FOCUS: the typical Venetian home and workshop system, the work of women, the transformation of the landscape through the activities conducted by man, the stories of farmers and small entrepreneurs.

Recover photos and videos of friends, acquaintances or family members to create the first digital archive of the collective memory of our territory and contact us at or at 0429 74309.


In the collective imagination, to enjoy a movie you need to equip yourself with popcorn or chips. The Taste of Cinema offers a journey through taste and taste to savor the cinema to the full with tastings and film screenings. Tastings of chocolate, craft beer, tea and whiskey will precede the four projections.

friday 9th november
tasting at 20.45

An exciting journey into the world of chocolate to learn how to recognize quality chocolate. Curated by Angelino Panciera.

Proiezione ore 21.30

by Jean-Pierre Améris
with Bonit Poelvoorde, Isabelle Carré, Lorella Cravotta
Francia, Belgio, 2010, 80’
Jean-René is the director of a small chocolate factory, where Angélique, a promising young chocolate maker, works. The two are attracted to each other but their shyness is likely to send everything to the air. United by the common passion for the activity they perform, the two love each other but have to find the courage to declare each other their feelings.

friday 16 november
tasting at 20.45
A selection of craft beers by Beeriot – Indipendent Brewery. An appointment to get to know and appreciate the unique characteristics of beers, beyond the reductive interpretation given by industrial production.

Proiezione ore 21.30
by Joe Swanberg
USA, 2013, 90’
Luke and Kate work together in a Chicago brewery where they spend their days drinking and joking. After a weekend away accompanied by their companions, accomplice beer, they realize they are attracted to each other. Now, however, they must choose whether to break up with their partners or repress what binds them.

friday 23 november
Tasting at 20.45
Discovering the ritual of tea and the label of the Victorian era through a tasting of refined and high quality teas, as they would have tasted Jane Austen and her heroines.

tasting at 21.30
by Whit Stllman
with Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Savigny, Xavier Samuel
USA, Irlanda, 2016, 94’
Based on a novel by Jane Austen, the film tells of Lady Susan, forced to relocate from the relatives of her late husband because of gossip about her love life. At the same time, the woman will try to make the most of this period by finding a new partner.

friday 30 november
tasting at 20.45
The event aims to bring the public closer to the world of whiskey, an appointment to learn about the production and refining systems that make this product unique and different than other spirits. Curated by Beeriot – Independent Brewery.

Proiezione ore 21.30
by Ken Loach
GB, Francia, Italia, Belgio, 2012, 106’
Robbie, Rhino, Albert and Mo are three boys and a girl from the miserable suburbs of Glasgow, marked by a past of violence and petty crime. When Robbie, who has recently become a father and is forced to attend a recovery group, he discovers he has a very fine taste for whiskey tasting. The four exploit the passion of rich collectors willing to pay any amount to buy a bottle of the most rare brand and end a blow happily to the limits of legality. Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2012.

0429 74309


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From 22 September 2018 Villa Pisani of Monselice will host the exhibition “Buenos Aires:  Tango and the Italian emigration”, an exhibition that traces the history of tango from the beginnings in Buenos Aires to the main talents, performers and musicians. The exhibition is a journey to discover the culture and art in Argentina through vintage posters, photographs, films and meetings.
The tango is a dance that comes from the meeting of different people and the exhibition aims to promote those values ​​related to sharing and sociality, assumptions of a culture that incorporates the difference not as a limitation of relationship but as a resource.

A series of side events, organized in collaboration with Padova Tango Festival and La Peña Tanguera, will enrich the program:

“Buenos Aires: Tango and Italian emigration” is curated by APCLAI, an association for the promotion of Latin American culture in Italy, and organized by Euganea Movie Movement, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Monselice, Padua Tango Festival, Cochabamba 444 tango club and La Peña Tanguera.

saturaday and sunday
10.00/ 13.00 – 15.00/18.00

info & reservations:
+39 0429 74309
+39 339 6197912

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From 1 March to 2 April 2018, the shop windows of Monselice will host the illustrations inspired by the exhibition “Terre di Fiaba, 80 illustrazioni da esplorare”, made by young artists of the territory.

The visual installation that has been created offers the possibility of enjoying some “taste” of the exhibition and to discover the talent of these guys who, through their art, want us to discover a fantastic world, rich in symbols and traditions that refer to fairy tales of distant lands waiting to be heard.

Download the map of the stores that have joined the initiative.

  • Biblioteca di Monselice: illustration made by Stefania Vitale
  • Skianto Kids: illustration from Asia by Yvette Umilietti
  • Far-Magia: illustration from Asia by Yvette Umilietti
  • Ufficio turistico: illustration from Mexico created by Ilaria Toninato
  • Gio: illustration from Chile by Raffaele Biasiato
  • Dersut Caffè: illustration from Russia made by Riccardo Ennio
  • A Modo Bio: illustration from the Artic regions created by Raffaele Biasiato
  • Herbaria Erboristeria: illustration from Brazil created by Ilaria Toninato
  • Tabacchi Manin: illustration made by the Far East made by Raffaele Biasiato
  • Fotografo Carlo Alberto Paris: illustration from Russia made by Riccardo Ennio
  • Parrucchiere Berto Alvaro: illustration from India made by Anna Merlin
  • Tempter: illustration from Oceania made by Anna Merlin
  • Bottega delle Coccole: illustration from Oceania created by Stefania Vitale
  • Libreria Fanrenheit: illustration of the Far East made by Raffaele Biasiato
  • 4 Lab Monselice: illustration from Africa made by Ilaria Camarella
  • Glamour: illustration from Russia made by Stefania Vitale
  • Monselviaggi: illustration from Armenia made by Asia Cavaliere
  • Poltek ferramenta: illustration from Chile created by Asia Cavaliere
  • Eliografica: illustration created by Anna Merlin

The initiative is born in partnership with Due Punti Aps, Ascom Padova Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia and  Municipality di Monselice.
We thank the shops that have joined the initiative and the young talents who have lent themselves to the realization of the illustrations.

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One of the essential parts of a movie lies on writing: a film comes alive from a screenplay which describe and define an imaginary world.
But what happen when a film is based on a book or on a theatrical piece?



PARTNERS / SPONSOR: Municipality of Monselice

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