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Also this year the summer film festival organised by Euganea Movie Movement is back!
Every Friday, for six weeks, there will be screenings in the garden of Villa Pisani in Monselice (PD).

9:30 p.m.
Friday, 16 July >> Jojo Rabbit

by Taika Waititi
Germany, 2020, 108′
starring Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie and Taika Waititi.
Jojo is ten years old and has a despotic imaginary friend: Adolf Hitler. A fanatical Nazi, with his father ‘at the front’ boycotting the regime and his mother at home ‘doing what she can’ against the regime, he is integrated into Hitler’s youth. Between a drill and a grenade toss, Jojo discovers that his mother is hiding Elsa, a little Jewish girl, in the house. Declared enemies, Elsa and Jojo are forced to live together, she to stay alive, he to protect his mother. But the boy’s ‘conditioning’ will gradually fade with love and a friendship stronger than racial hatred.

9:30 p.m.
Friday, 23 July >> Nomadland

by Chloé Zhao
USA, 2020, 108′
starring Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May,
Following the economic collapse of a corporate town in rural Nevada, Fern (Frances McDormand) packs up her van and hits the road, exploring a life outside of conventional society as a modern nomad. Nomadland, by director Chloé Zhao, stars real-life nomads Linda May, Swankie and Bob Wells as Fern’s mentors and companions as she travels the vast landscape of the American West.
Golden Lion at the 77th Venice International Film Festival

9:30 p.m.
Friday, 30 July >> Trash – la leggenda della piramide magica

by Luca Della Grotta and Francesco Dafano
Italy, 2020, 88′
Slim is a worn and tattered cardboard box; Bubbles is a dented and half-deflated soft drink bottle. Both find themselves on the floor of a market, destined to end up in the rubbish pail. But surprisingly, they come across little Spark, an empty battery pack with a recycling logo on the back: a symbol that Bubbles recognises as that of the Magic Pyramid, the place whose waste is fabled to be the only place where they could find a second life. Together with other scraps, the three leave the market and begin their adventure on the road, dodging enemies such as the Garbage Suckers and the terrible Predators.

9:00 p.m.
Friday, 06 August >> Imprevisti digitali

by Benoit Deléphine and Gustave Kervern
France, 2020, 106′
with Blanche Gardin, Denis Podalydès, Corinne Masiero
Three neighbours in a French suburb find themselves caught up in a series of unforeseen events caused by their ineptitude in dealing with new technologies. Marie is afraid of losing her son’s respect because of a sex tape that ended up online, Bertrand falls in love with the voice of a receptionist and tries to protect his daughter from cyber-bullying and Christine, who has lost her husband because of her addiction to TV series, is willing to do anything to increase her rating as a private chauffeur. The three of them then embark on a battle against the internet giants. A battle far beyond their reach… perhaps.
Winner of the Silver Bear at the 70th Berlinale

9:30 p.m.
Friday, 13 August >>  Un divano a Tunisi

by Manele Labidi Labbé
France, 2019, 89′
with Golshifteh Farahani, Majd Mastoura
Selma Derwich, a 35-year-old psychoanalyst, leaves Paris to open a practice in the suburbs of Tunis, where she grew up. Optimistic about her mission, to lay her compatriots on the couch and bring them back into the world in the aftermath of the revolution, Selma has to contend with local mistrust, an indolent administration and an overzealous policeman who boycotts her. In Tunis, where people confess in the baths of the hammam or under the helmet of the hairdresser, Selma offers a third way, a protected place to take care of oneself and take the pulse of the city.

9:00 p.m.
Friday, 20 August >> Il grande passo

by Antonio Padovan
Italy, 2019, 96′
With Giuseppe Battiston and Stefano Fresi
Mario lives in Rome, Dario in the Polesine. Mario has a hardware store, Dario a farmhouse. Mario follows the rules, Dario despises them. The sons of the same father and a different mother, Mario and Dario are brothers but have nothing in common. Distant and separated, they share only the pain of their father’s abandonment. The madness of Dario, a misunderstood genius in aerospace engineering, brings them together. After an attempt to launch himself on the Moon, which ends in a field fire and the denunciation of his neighbour, Dario is condemned to forced confinement but Mario’s providential intervention changes the course of events and he aims for the Moon.

The screenings will take place in the garden of Villa Pisani.
Single ticket: 5 euro
Free up to 4 years old

Villa Pisani: Riviera G. B. Belzoni 22, Monselice (PD). +39 042974309



To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this Festival we invited a great guest, perhaps the greatest we could think of: the Earth, our mother Earth. In reality, we are her guests and as such we have obligations and rules that we must respect if we do not want to be unwelcome.
This selection of films that we present to you tells us how we can inhabit the Earth: by caring for it or destroying it, by selfishly exploiting every resource or by striving to hand over to those who will come a future that is not the one we deserve today. Perhaps for too long the cinema has dealt with man as a protagonist to be explored and told. But now, immediately, we must choose a wide-angle lens and observe how the human being is really nothing compared to the gigantic and complex living being we call Earth. This year we will not be able to show it all on the Festival screens, but having it as a guest, when in reality the guests are us, seemed to us a due recognition.


Saturday 12 June

9.30 P.M. | LA VITA È UN RACCOLTO by Agnés Varda Documentary, France, 2000, 82’

Sunday 13 June

9.30 p.m. | Projection of the best animated short films by Euganea Film Festival

Thursday 17 June

9.00 p.m. | Meeting with Alice Rohrwacher (film director)
9.00 p.m. | LAZZARO FELICE by Alice Rohrwacher Fiction, Italy, 2018, 125’

Friday 18 June

7.30 p.m. | CANTINA LOREGGIAN wine tasting and nature walk to the Stagno di Corte Borin
Dance performances and natural installations by Elisabetta Cortella e Elena Candeo
9.45 p.m. | THE POSTCARD by Asmae Elmoudir Documentary, Marocco, 2020, 83’

Friday 18 June

9.30 p.m. | MIGRANTS by Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise Animazione, France, 2020, 8’
PENGUIN AND WHALE by Ezequiel Torres and Pablo Roldan Animazione, Argentine, 2020, 3’
L’INCREDIBILE AVVENTURA by Fletcher Markle Fiction, USA, 1963, 80’

Saturday 19 June

5.00 – 7.00 p.m. | Workshop with Alessandro Gottardo, Disney illustrator and drawer

9.00 p.m. | Introduction of the film by WWF Vicenza – Padua
MAMA by Pablo de la Cica Documentary, Spain, 2020, 29’
THE WHALE FROM LORINO by Maciej Cuske Documentary, Polonia, 2019, 59’

Sunday 20 June

9.15 p.m. | Presentation of the video made by the students of I.I.S. G. B. Ferrari as part of the SIAE project “Per chi crea”.
SIDÈREA by Elisa Bonandin, Fiorella Cecchini, Isabel Matta, Carlotta Vacchetti Animation, Italy, 2020, 7’
JOURNEY TO UTOPIA by Erlend E. Mo Documentary, Denmark, 2020, 89’

Wednesday 23 June

8.00 p.m. | Maeli wines paired with a proposal of excellent local products
9.30 p.m. | MELINA by David Valola Documentary, Italy, 2020, 10’
ONLY A CHILD by Simone Giampaolo Animation, Switzerland, 2020, 6’
MIDDLE EARTH by Juliette Guignard Documentary, France, 2020, 57’

Giovedì 24 giugno

ore 21.00 | LE MANI SUL FIUME di Giulia Paltrinieri Vincitrice del Premio Morrione 2017 per il giornalismo investigativo.
ore 22.00 | MOVIDA di Alessandro Padovani Documentario, Italia, 2020, 68’

Venerdì 25 giugno

ore 20.45 | Consegna Premio Crédit Agricole Friuladria a Stefano Mancuso
TALK CON STEFANO MANCUSO Neurobiologo vegetale e appassionato divulgatore, è stato incluso dal New Yorker tra coloro che sono ‘destinati a cambiarci la vita’
INVISIBILE PARADISE di Daria Yurkevich Documentario, Bielorussia, 2020, 52’

Sabato 26 giugno

ore 20.00 | Visita guidata al Museo del Termalismo
ore 21.00 | UN’ALTRA ROTTA di Martina Ferlisi, Sarika Strobbe e Amarilli Varesio Inchiesta finalista del Premio Morrione 2020 per il giornalismo investigativo.

Domenica 27 giugno

ore 18.30 | Trent’anni di grano – autobiografia di un campo – spettacolo teatrale
ore 20.30 | ANDROMEDA in concerto
ore 21.30 | ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENEZUELA di Anabel Rodriguez Rios Documentario, Venezuela, Regno Unito, Brasile, Austria, 2020, 99’

Venerdì 2 luglio

ore 21.30 | WHY SLUGS HAVE NO LEGS di Aline Höchli Animazione, Svizzera, 2019, 11’
SAD BEAUTY di Arjan Brentjes Animazione, Paesi Bassi, 2020, 9’
LA TERRA di Toni De Gregorio, Rodolfo Bisatti e Luciano Zaccaria
Documentario, Italia, 1988, 73’

Sabato 3 luglio

ore 21.00 | Vini della Cantina Piovene Porto Godi
ore 21.30 | SKYFILL di Mark Hanhalo Animazione, Ucraina, 2021, 3’
ACCAMÒRA (IN QUESTO MOMENTO) di Emanuela Muzzupappa Fiction, Italia, 2020, 11’
THE TAPE RECORDER di Noémi Aubry Documentario, Francia, 2021, 68’

Domenica 4 luglio

ore 18.00 | A piedi con Lucio Montecchio tra gli alberi e i sentieri del Monte Gemola
ore 21.30 | Premiazioni del Concorso Internazionale della XX edizione di Euganea Film Festival
Proiezioni dei film vincitori

BIKE21 // bike • art • nature

From 4 to 6 June 2021, BIKE21: the first bicycle festival in the Euganean Hills.

Three days of events dedicated to the world of cycling, to sustainable mobility and to the promotion of the territory, landscapes and historical-artistic heritage that accompany the cycle-tourism routes along the E2 ring, a cycle path that runs along the perimeter of the Euganean Hills area.
Theatre shows, readings, music, talks with cycle travellers and workshops will accompany the public throughout the weekend, offering new ideas for discovering and becoming passionate about the world of two wheels.
The reference point of the event is the city of Monselice and Parco Buzzaccarini (via S. Giacomo, 52, Monselice PD), the starting point for bike tours and the location of the stands, info-point, food and beverage area and main stage for the scheduled shows and meetings.


🚴 6:00 P.M. > Al tramonto, percorso mountain bike
(At sunset, mountain bike trail)

🚶‍♂️6:00 P.M. > Il sentiero del Monte Ricco e il Castello, escursione a piedi
(The Monte Ricco trail and the Castle, hiking tour)

🚵‍♀️🎤 Ore 21:00 > La traversata del Nord America in bicicletta, talk e racconto di viaggio con Alessandro De Bertolini (Crossing North America by bicycle, talk and travel story with Alessandro De Bertolini)
10.500 km in 3 mesi lungo le strade asfaltate e sterrate della California, del Nevada, dell’Arizona, dello Utah, del Colorado, del Wyoming, del Montana, dell’Alberta, della British Columbia, dello Yukon e dell’Alaska


🚴 9:00 A.M. > Anello dei Colli Euganei, bike tour
(Euganean Hills ring, bike tour)

🚴 10:00 A.M.> Tra ville e abbazie, bike tour
(Between villas and abbeys, bike tour)

🚴 2:30 P.M. > Sui colli di Arquà, percorso in mountain bike
(On the hills of Arquà Petrarca, mountain bike trail)

🚲🎤 3:30 P.M. > Come scegliere una bici da viaggio, workshop a cura di La Mente Comune
(How to choose a travel bike, workshop by La Mente Comune)
The indispensable features of a touring bike (but not only) and some simple concepts on how to choose the best bike for your needs.

👧🧒 from 3:30 P.M. > Gimkana per piccoli ciclisti
(Gimkana for young cyclists)

👧🧒 4.00 P.M. > Families cycling through Monselice, a cycling route with moments dedicated to young cyclists

📖🎤 5:00 P.M. > Carretera Austral, talk e presentazione libro con l’autore Alberto Fiorin
(Carretera Austral, talk and book presentation with author Alberto Fiorin)
A journey along the Carretera Austral, a must on the road.

🚴 Ore 5:30 P.M. > Sui colli di Arquà, percorso in mountain bike
(On the hills of Arquà Petrarca, mountain bike route)

🎸🎤 9:00 P.M. > “Germogli” reading musicale con Lucio Montecchio, Giorgio Gobbo e Gianluca Segato
(“Germogli” musical reading with Lucio Montecchio, Giorgio Gobbo and Gianluca Segato)
On the World Environmental Day, a musical reading that accompanies the audience in a reflection on the importance of the multiple relationships between man and the environment.


🚴 9:30 A.M. > Tour MTB livello medio, percorso in mountain bike
(MTB tour medium level, mountain bike trail)

🚴 10:00 A.M. > Tra colli e canali, bike tour
(Between hills and canals, bike tour)

🛶 3:00 P.M. > Il castello del Catajo in barca a remi
(Catajo Castle by rowing boat)

🔧 3:30 P.M. > Meccanica di emergenza workshop a cura di La Mente Comune
(Emergency mechanics workshop by La Mente Comune)
Tricks and techniques for solving problems that may arise during a bike ride.

👧🧒 from 3:30 P.M. > Gimkana per piccoli ciclisti
(Gimkana for young cyclists)

🚴 4:00 P.M. > Villa dei Vescovi e l’abbazia di Praglia, bike tour
(Villa dei Vescovi and Praglia Abbey, bike tour)

📷🎤 5:00 P.M. > Veneto b-side, talk e racconto fotografico con Andrea Rosina
(Veneto b-side, talk and photo story with Andrea Rosina)
A story made up of photos and interviews collected along the thousand kilometres of his journey by bike through the Veneto region.

📷🎤 6:00 P.M. > Viaggio in Dancalia, talk e racconto fotografico con Caterina Borgato
(Journey to Dancalia, talk and photographic story with Caterina Borgato)
She has travelled in Mongolia, Sub Saharan and Equatorial Africa, Asia, South America, Ethiopia and has cycled through “pure” Dancalia following Ludovico Nesbitt’s route.

🎺 9:00 P.M. > “Cinque uomini in bicicletta” spettacolo con la Banda Osiris + Mirko Artuso
(“Five men on a bicycle” show with the Banda Osiris + Mirko Artuso)
A praise to the bicycle, a multi-voice reading to remind us all of the importance of this means of transport and the many stories it has suggested over time to cinema, theatre, literature and music.

Download the full programme! More information: , , 0429 74309
For information on hiking and cycling: e-mail: tel. +39 328 4089272 (whatsapp)

The Bike21 project is supported by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo through the Eventi Culturali call, and is supported by the municipalities of Monselice and Montegrotto Terme with the patronage of the municipalities of Battaglia Terme and Torreglia. BikE21 is organised by Euganea Movie Movement, partner of the project Viaggiare curiosi, Coop. A perdifiato, CicloTurismo Euganeo, in collaboration with Thermae Abano Montegrotto, Parco Buzzaccarini, La Mente Comune and FIAB.